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2017 Chance Crawford Tournament Rules, Procedures, and Information

2017 Chance Crawford Tournament Rules

- Chance Crawford tournament rules will be in effect. If the rule is not covered in CCT rules ASA official playing rules will be used

- Re-Entry is permitted in all programs as ASA rules dictate. Teams must submit roster to tournament director prior to first game

- No stealing will be allowed in any classifications

-No Metal Cleats can be worn by any player in a game.

- All teams are to report to the field at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled games.

- Tournament headquarters will be at James I. Moyer Sports Complex (540) 375-4021

-Teams may submit a lineup with no more than 12 players in a batting lineup. This is a maximum of 10 defensive players and 2 Extra Players.

- Speedup Rule: Teams must have an on deck batter in the circle ready to bat at all times. *No infield practice after first inning. “5 second pitching rule” & “10 second batter’s rule” will be strictly enforced

- Forfeit time is 15 minutes for the team’s first scheduled game of the day. For all other games the scheduled game time will be forfeit time. Forfeit score: 7-0

- Home team for each game to be decided by coin flip

- Bat Rules:   All bats must have the new ASA, NSA, or USSSA stamp on them to be legal for this tournament. (the Miken Ultra II is only approved for senior play and is not allowed in this tournament).  If a player puts a ball in play with an illegal bat, he will be ruled out and all base runners must return to the bases they were on prior to that player batting.  Also that player will be ejected for the rest of the game. Also in any case where a ball is hit and injuries a player the bat and ball will be seized and tested to make sure none of the equipment has been altered. In the case of the bat or ball that has been altered then that player faces suspension in ASA, NSA, & USSSA for 1 year and we be banned from the Chance Crawford Tournament in the future.

                -We will have several bat testers on site for this tournament.  We will not test bats prior to the tournament, but any team may question a bat before, during or after a game.  To question a bat that team must pay $20 to a tournament director in order to test the bat.  If that bat fails the compression test then the bat is removed from play for the duration of the tournament and the team who posted the $20 will be given their money back.  If that bat passes then the $20 goes back to the Chance Crawford Fund.

- Home Run Rules: “Home Run Rules” for Men’s B Open- 6 Home Runs and 1 Up; Men’s Class C- 3 Home Runs and 1 Up; Men’s Class D- 2 Home Runs, any home runs after 2 will be called an out Men’s Class E -1 Home Run, any after 1 will end that teams half inning. Men’s Rec. - No home runs, a home run will end that teams half inning. Women’s division- 2 home runs and 1 Up.

- Time Limit: There will only be a time limit in all pool play games. There will be 1 hour and 15 minute time limit. When the time limit occurs the inning will continue until completed and the team winning will be declared the winner. If there is a tie then the teams will continue playing until a winner is declared

- 3 Ball/ 2 Strike Count

- Third Strike Foul- Batter is out. Example: first pitch called strike, second pitch is foul ball, and third pitch is foul ball Batter is out!

- No protests will be allowed on umpire judgment calls.

-Courtesy Runner Rule- Anyone in the lineup may be a courtesy runner, but only 1 per inning.  If that person who is doing the courtesy running comes up to bat while they are still running, then they are declared automatically out.

- All protests must be settled by tournament director before game can proceed except in case of player eligibility. Players found ineligible will be suspended by the state director. Managers could also be suspended. If the ineligible is discovered during the game, the offending team loses the game, is ejected from the tournament, placed last in standings, and forfeits all awards, sponsor and travel money and berths that would have been awarded at the tournament. If the ineligible player is discovered after the completion of the game but during the tournament the game shall stand as played. However, the offending team is ejected from the tournament and assumes the same penalties as above.

- Slaughter Rule: 20 after 3 innings; 15 after 4 innings; 10 after 5 innings and above

- Pitching Rule: the 6’ minimum and 10ft maximum pitching arch will be used for this tournament.  Pitchers must remain in contact with the rubber as the ball is being released

-We as a tournament will be furnishing the softballs this year.The only balls that can be used for this tournament are the DeMarini Ball Core .52 / Compression 275 or 300. They For the women's teams they must use a Core 47 Compression 400 DeMarini Ball (11inch ball). All softballs will be furnished by the tournament for the duration of the tournament.

- When no official scorekeeper is present the home team will be the official scorer

- Any player physically abusing and umpire or tournament official will be suspended immediately

- Any player or coach using profanity will be removed from the game immediately without warning. In the event of continued or extreme profanity, manager may also be removed.

- No smoking or alcoholic beverages in the dugouts


- When a team places in the top 3 or top 10% (whichever is less):
Chance Crawford Benefit Softball Tournament they will be required to automatically move up in classification the following year! This does not determine this team’s classification for the year only for the Chance Crawford Benefit Softball Tournament.

- The Tournament Directors along with the Chance Crawford Tournament Committee will determine each team’s classification of play. Teams will not be notified of the class. All decisions are final, no appeals will be accepted.


Updated March 13th, 2017